Removing Spots with CyberLink PhotoDirector

The spot removal* tool lets you fix any imperfections or blemishes in a photo.

Note: * optional feature in CyberLink PhotoDirector. Check the version table on our web site for detailed versioning information.

To remove spots, do this:

1.Click on Adjustment and then on the Manual tab (if necessary).

2.In the Regional Adjustment Tools section, click  to open the spot removal tools.

3.Set the spot removal options as follows:

Clone/Heal: select and use Clone if you want to copy an area of the photo and use it to cover up the spot. Select and use Heal to touch up the spot using the photo information (texture, lighting, and shading) that surrounds it.

Size: use the slider to set the size of area that the tool covers up.

Feather: use the slider to set the transition level between the area being covered up and the pixels around the area.

Opacity: use the slider to set the transparency of the applied cover up.

4.Click on the part of the photo you want to touch up and then drag the spot removal tool to the part of the photo you want the spot to resemble.

5.Click Done to finish the adjustments and close the panel.

Using Intelligent Spot Removal

If you find that a large number of photos have a spot on them in the exact same place, you can use the intelligent spot removal feature to remove all of the spots at once. This works best if the spot was caused by something on the lens.

To use intelligent spot removal on a number of photos, do this:

1.On the first photo, perform the spot removal as noted above.

2.Click the  button at the bottom of the adjustment panel.

3.In the Adjustment Copy window, ensure that Spot removal is selected and then select:

Manual if all the spots in the photos are in the same position and were taken with a similar background.

Auto if you want CyberLink PhotoDirector to auto find the correct pixels required to fix each photo. Select this item if the backgrounds in the photos are different from the original photo.

4.Click Copy to close the Adjustment Copy window.

5.Select all of the photos in the photo browser panel that have the similar spots that need removing.

6.Click on the  button at the bottom of the adjustment panel. CyberLink PhotoDirector will duplicate the spot removal in all the selected photos.

Removing Spots with CyberLink PhotoDirector

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